What kind of light is the LED point light source?

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What kind of light is the LED point light source?

LED point light source is a new type of decorative lamp, which is a supplement to linear light source and flood lighting. Smart lamps that can replace certain specifications of display screens with dot and surface effects through pixel color mixing. The LED point light source is idealized as a particle point light source. Point light source is an abstracted physical concept, in order to simplify the research of physical problems. Like a smooth plane, a mass point, and no air resistance, it refers to a light source that emits uniformly from a point to the surrounding space.

LED is a light-emitting diode. Its working principle and some electrical characteristics are the same as ordinary crystal diodes, but the crystal materials used are different. LEDs include different types of visible light, invisible light, laser, etc., and visible light LEDs are common in life. The light-emitting color of light-emitting diodes depends on the materials used. Currently, there are multiple colors such as yellow, green, red, orange, blue, purple, cyan, white, and full color, and can be made into various shapes such as rectangles and circles. LED has the advantages of long life, small size and light weight, low power consumption (energy saving), low cost, etc., and low working voltage, high luminous efficiency, extremely short luminous response time, wide operating temperature range, pure light color, and strong structure ( Shock resistance, vibration resistance), stable and reliable performance and a series of characteristics, are highly favored by people.
The luminous body of the LED is close to the “point” light source, and the design of the lamp is more convenient. However, if it is used as a large area display, the current and power consumption are both large. LEDs are generally used for display devices such as indicator lights, digital tubes, display panels, and photoelectric coupling devices of electronic equipment, and are also commonly used for optical communications, etc., as well as the decoration of building outlines, amusement parks, billboards, streets, stages and other places.

LED point light source, it uses a single LED as the light source, and the light path is controlled through the free-form surface side light-emitting lens, which achieves low power consumption, high range, low maintenance, and long life. After technical testing, it meets the requirements of relevant technical standards. . A new type of beacon light optical system matching the free-form side light-emitting lens and the point light source LED is an important technological innovation realized by the light device.

Compared with traditional light sources, LED point light sources are small in size and light in weight. They can be made into devices of various shapes to facilitate the arrangement and design of various lamps and equipment, with strong adaptability and wide application range. Good environmental performance. Since the LED light source does not need to add metal mercury in the production process, after the LED is discarded, it will not cause mercury pollution, and its waste can almost be recycled, which not only saves resources, but also protects the environment. Safe and stable LED light source can be driven by low-voltage direct current, and the general power supply voltage is between 6~24V, so the safety performance is relatively good, especially suitable for public places. In addition, under better external conditions, LED light sources have lower light decay and longer life than traditional light sources. Even if they are frequently switched on and off, their service life will not be affected.

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