How about the waterproof performance of high-power LED underground lights?

Underground high-power LED lights use fully cold LED light source as the light source, which has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, stable performance, bright colors and strong penetrating power. It is suitable for guiding and displaying lighting on street canals. The lampshade is made of precision cast aluminum lampshade, polished stainless steel plate, high-quality waterproof connection, flexible sealing ring made of silicon rubber and specially treated strengthened glass, which has the advantages of waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion. Buried lights high-power LED lights themselves are very healthy lights. The light contains neither ultraviolet nor infrared rays, and does not generate radiation with green and environmentally friendly characteristics.
 The light characteristics caused by the special structure of small LEDs are different from incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, and there is a problem of uneven white light color. What is the uniformity of the light color after being combined into a lamp? The light distribution of the “auxiliary light source” composed of multiple LEDs and how the optical system of the LED light meets the requirements of the light source are complex system technologies that must be considered and resolved.

   In order to make the high-power LED underground light have good waterproof performance, the protection effect of the high-power LED underground light should be at least IP67, and the light should be placed less than 5 meters from the water surface. Control the controller to achieve the synchronization effect, and it can be connected to the DMX console. Each device has a separate address, and the red, green and blue indicator lights are composed of 3 corresponding DMX channels. There are two control methods: external control and internal control. The internal control does not require any external control, and can be set to various change modes (up to six), and the external control must be equipped with an external control to realize the color change. The application is usually also controlled externally.


Post time: May-19-2021