What is the scope of application of LED underground lights?

LED underground lights are those lights that are embedded under the ground or in the wall, or placed very low and close to the ground. For example, on the ground of some squares, you will find that there are many lights installed underground, with the lamp head facing up and level with the ground, which can be stepped on; there are also buried lights in many fountains and ponds, which emit colorful lights at night. The spring water is very beautiful.

In the classification of buried lights, there is a kind of lighting led buried lights. It has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, long service life, sturdy and durable, low power consumption, long life, easy installation, chic and elegant shape, anti-leakage, Waterproof. Led light source has a long life, no accidents and almost no need to change the bulb, one time construction, several years of use save time and trouble
 In the production of led series products, led underground lights can be described as being used in all directions. The application direction of led underground lights is very comprehensive, including outdoor landscapes and indoor installations. In the outdoor landscape configuration, such lamps can adapt to different environments and have strong resistance to high temperatures. So it is practical, durable and stable. And in some indoor configurations, including some entertainment venues, or shop counters, you can see the LED buried light device. Because the light emitted by such a lamp is very gorgeous and beautiful, it can drive people’s attention rate, and thus play a very good effect of embellishing beauty. The light can be divided into monochromatic light and colorful light, and the light source is pure and natural, and the effect is very good. In some video playback applications, the unique dynamic lighting effects of such lamps can effectively promote video playback. Therefore, the practical range is wide, and the effect is also very satisfactory.

   Cut off the power before installation. This is the basis of safety. Regardless of the power source, you should pay attention to it during installation, which is also a step before installation. The second step should be to sort out the various parts of the lamps and lanterns, because the LED buried lamps of the LED linear lamp manufacturers are special landscape lamps. After installation, it will be super troublesome to reinstall if you find that there are few parts installed. . So be sure to do it before installation. In the third step, a hole should be dug according to the size of the embedded part, and the embedded part should be fixed with concrete to isolate the main body of the lamp from the soil, so as to ensure the life of the lamp. Also, before installation, you need to prepare an IP67 or IP68 wiring device to connect the external power supply to the power supply of the lamp body. The connection cable should be a VDE-certified waterproof power cable, so that the lamp will last longer.

The body of the   led underground lamp is made of high-purity aluminum alloy material, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, cured at a constant temperature, and has good adhesion. Generally have good waterproof and dustproof properties. Before proceeding with the installation work, preparations should be made from several aspects: Before installing the LED underground lamp, the various parts and components used by the lamp should be sorted out. Led underground light is a special landscape led light that is buried underground. It is very troublesome to install less parts when installing.

Post time: Aug-24-2021