What are the reasons why led point light sources are liked?

What are the reasons why led point light sources are liked? More and more people are willing to use led point light sources on the market, and after a period of development, this product has now entered the mainstream market. This is not accidental because of this. This product itself has a very big charm, because it has passed the test of time and gained affirmation.
 Characteristics of LED point light source:

1. Functionality: Both the LED point light source and the LED display screen can be controlled by the computer to transmit advertising information in real time, broadcast advertising video, and replace advertising content at will. The LED display has higher pixels, and the display accuracy is correspondingly higher, and it is effective at close range. Even better, the LED point light source display also has a very good visual effect when viewed from a distance, which can meet the long-distance visual needs of large advertisements. The neon sign changes are relatively monotonous, and cannot be used for real-time transmission and replacement of advertising content. The application function is poor. .

2. Features: It can be programmed to control multiple simultaneous changes at will, and can complete full-color changes such as synchronized colorful, jump, scan, and flow. It can also form a dot matrix screen with multiple point light sources to change various images, texts, and animations. Function, etc.; it has features such as low power and super long life.

3. Environmental protection: Green lighting is an ecological design policy that the world follows. LED is a high-efficiency and energy-saving light source. It does not need to be filled with mercury. It can reduce energy consumption and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the atmosphere. Combined use of solar cells.

4. Diversity of application occasions: LED point light sources can be used not only for dot-matrix displays, but also for outlines of buildings, bridges and other buildings in urban lighting projects, and interior decoration and lighting projects for entertainment venues such as hotels and hotels. Has great market prospects.

   The above is about the reasons why LED point light sources are liked, so the types and uses of LED point light sources are becoming more and more extensive.

Post time: Sep-17-2021