What are the application scenarios of LED flood lights?

We can also call LED spotlights or LED spotlights. LED floodlights are controlled by a built-in chip. Now there are two types of products to choose from. One is a combination of power chips, and The other type uses a single high-power chip. In comparison between the two, the former is more stable, while the single high-power product has a larger structure and is very suitable for small-scale light projection, while the latter can achieve comparison. High power, so it is very suitable for large-area light projection at a relatively long distance.

The main application scenarios of LED flood lights are as follows:

The first one: building exterior lighting

For a certain area of ​​the building, it is nothing more than the use of round and square-shaped projection lamps that control the beam angle, which has the same conceptual characteristics as traditional projection lamps. However, because the LED projection light source is small and thin, the development of linear projection lamps will undoubtedly become a highlight and feature of LED projection lamps, because in real life we ​​will find that many buildings have no outstanding places at all. Can place traditional projection lights.
Compared with traditional projection lamps, the installation of LED floodlights is more convenient. It can be installed horizontally or vertically. Multi-directional installation can be better integrated with the surface of the building, bringing a new lighting space for lighting designers. , Which greatly expands the realization of creativity, and has a profound impact on the lighting techniques of modern buildings and historical buildings.

The second one: landscape lighting

Because LED floodlights are not like traditional light sources, they mostly use glass bulbs, which can be well integrated with urban streets. For example, LED floodlights can be used to illuminate free spaces in cities, such as paths, waterfronts, stairs, or gardening. For some flowers or low shrubs, we can also use LED floodlights for lighting. LED hidden floodlights will be especially popular with people. The fixed end can also be designed as a plug-in type, which is convenient to adjust according to the growth height of the plant.

Third: Logo and iconic lighting

Places that require space limitation and guidance, such as road separation restrictions, local lighting of stair steps, or emergency exit indicator lights. If you want proper surface brightness, you can also use LED floodlights to complete. LED projection The light is a self-luminous underground lamp or a vertical wall lamp. This kind of lamp is used in the ground guide light in the theater auditorium, or the indicator light on the side of the seat, etc. Compared with neon lights, LED floodlights have low pressure and no broken glass, so they will not increase costs due to bending during production.

Fourth: indoor space display lighting

Compared with other lighting modes, LED floodlights do not have heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, so there will be no damage to exhibits or commodities. Compared with traditional light sources, the lamps do not have filter devices, and the lighting system is created It’s relatively simple, and the cost is relatively cheap.

Nowadays, LED floodlights can also be widely used as substitutes for optical fiber lighting in museums. In commerce, colorful LED floodlights are also used in large quantities. White LED floodlights for interior decoration provide auxiliary indoor lighting. The light belt can also use LED floodlights, which is particularly advantageous for low spaces.

Post time: Aug-17-2021