How to distinguish the quality of LED linear lights?

How to distinguish the quality of LED linear lights?

The first trick is to look at the glue: the first LED linear lamp has such a serious yellowing phenomenon after 1 year because the glue material is too poor. There are many inferior glues sold in the name of waterproof PU glue on the market, which are waterproof. Poor performance and easy to turn yellow and dark. Similarly, the price of it is far from the normal waterproof PU glue, and the price is basically more than doubled.

The second trick is to look at aluminum: ultra-thin aluminum is easy to change. When it comes to the selection of aluminum for LED linear lights, regular manufacturers will first consider whether the heat dissipation performance is good or not. Do you think that the thicker the aluminum, the better? Otherwise, the thicker the foundation for your makeup, the better it looks? Certainly not. If you want aluminum to be resistant to deformation and good heat dissipation, you must choose a moderate thickness. You can’t just blindly want the thicker the aluminum Well, if the aluminum material of the led linear lamp is thinner, is the heat dissipation better? NO! The thinner the aluminum material, the worse the heat dissipation, and it is easy to squeeze and deform during installation. To be cost-effective, manufacturers must control the materials they use quite well.

The third trick is to look at the lamp bead components: In the industry, there are only a few famous packaging manufacturers, such as Cree-Preh-Nichia-Taiwan Epistar, etc., but you can tell if it is you Did you get the brand of chips? There are some conscientious LED linear lamp manufacturers whose quotations advertise how good the raw materials are. They take a few cents of chips to pretend to be big brands of chips, but the price law has always existed, how? Maybe you can buy good products at a cheaper price? Customers are also deceived by themselves, they are willing to be deceived, and the editor is also drunk. There are some domestic lamp bead brands that have been tested and improved for many years. Their craftsmanship and performance are also very proficient and stable. According to your project cost, you can also choose some better domestic brands, such as San’an, which is also a good brand.

   The fourth trick depends on the choice of circuit board: will the aluminum substrate be better than the fiberglass board? It is true that the quality of LED linear lights is mostly used as the circuit board of the light source. Is the fiberglass board always labeled with inferior quality? This is not true. I used to think that the product of fiberglass board is not a high-quality product. After the explanation by the technician, I also understand that fiberglass board is also good or bad. It can even be better than the quality of the aluminum substrate, as long as it is stable, whether it is an aluminum substrate or a glass fiber board, they are all good circuit boards.

The fifth trick is to look at waterproof plugs: the LED market is really big. Every year at the beginning of the year, customers will consult once: “Is there a new price this year?” Some LED linear lamp manufacturers will reduce the material due to this pressure. One point, but there are also some manufacturers that lower their profits to maintain their original customers. There are also cheap waterproof plugs, but relatively speaking, they are not electrically conductive, and have poor waterproof performance. They are easy to enter water and cause leakage. Basically, square heads are four cores. The plug is also very good. Although its price is higher, the overall stability can reach 99% waterproof, and the 1% may not be tightly plugged.

Post time: Sep-23-2021